Is consumerism the new politics? (WATCH)

In the second episode of our week-long series exploring the possibilities, challenges, and potential of social enterprise in New Zealand, our panel asks: is consumerism the new politics?

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Consumers making ethical choices are changing the market and the way companies operate in it. This has become a method of choice used by many to help make the world a better place. But what are the implications for other forms of political action? 

This is the second part of a conversation chaired recently by Simon Wilson, which brought together some of New Zealand’s most prominent and active voices in the area: Alex Hannant from social enterprise enabling company Ākina Foundation, Lisa King of buy-one-give-one food company Eat My Lunch, Michelle Sharp of toymakers Kilmarnock Enterprises, and Nick Wells of Māori legal practice Te Waka Ture, a division of Chapman Tripp.

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