ComedyApril 10, 2017

Funny… for a girl: NZ comedians read the most sexist comments they’ve received (WATCH)


Some of New Zealand’s top comedians share the most offensive, obnoxious and flat-out sexist comments they’ve received over the course of their careers.

“I don’t want to be kissed by you, you stubbly, smelly, fuckwit with a beard in an unhappy marriage, go kiss Ben Hurley” was Justine Smith’s response to a guy who ran a comedy gig and refused to shake her hand, kissing her on the cheek instead.

From horrific MC intros like ‘This woman bathes in cum’ to full-on death threats, this is only the tip of the sexist bullshit iceberg that female comedians have to endure before, during, and after comedy gigs.

We gathered up some of New Zealand’s best comedians and got them to tell us some of the worst remarks and sexist comments that have been made to them over the course of their comedy careers.

Warning: coarse language

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Starring: Alice Brine (director), Justine Smith, Laura Daniel, Louise Beuvink, Michele A’Court, Penny Ashton and The Fan Brigade. Click on their names to buy tickets to their shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival.

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