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CompetitionJune 3, 2015

Competition: Watch Lightbox Somewhere Weird – And the Winners Are…


Announcing the triumphant winners of our Lightbox mobile devices competition, who bravely took TV into the great outdoors and made the world their lounge.

Our May Lightbox competition asked you noble television fans to take TV outside of the house on your compatible mobile devices, and find the perfect setting your favourite Lightbox show. The entries arrived in absolute droves. We have meticulously judged each one and sent them through to a second party to determine the grand prize winner.

If you see your masterpiece below, email your name, address, and phone number through to Everyone else, thanks so much for getting out there, and getting freaky with the TV viewing experience. You can hold your heads high with the knowledge that you have absolutely won in your hearts. As Walter White once said, “You are the ones who rock”.

And the winners are…

Runner Up Entries (winner of a Google Chromecast)

Watching Eruption at the museum’s volcano exhibit (Steve Williamson)


Judges comment: Nice to see you are protecting your safety by going for the fake volcano option rather than scaling to the top of Rangitoto. That thing could blow any minute. A strong, educational and informed entry.

Watching Ripper Street on K’rd Corner (Cleo Hall Strom)


Judges comment: Possibly our darkest entry of the competition, we applaud you for braving the rough streets of K’Rd to get the shot you need. Also, Jack the Ripper was never caught and now we think it might be you. Great work.

Watching Community in the middle of a university lecture (Renee Church):


Judges comment: If there’s one thing we like, it’s education coming second to a silly competition on the internet. You’ve put it all on the line here: your learning, your grades, your future. Have a Chromecast.

Watching Breaking Bad in a hazardous pipe-based situation (Tony Kim)

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.34.54 pm

Judges comment: Tony please be careful with all of this malarkey. You are clearly the Walter White of pipes, and get bonus points for that seamless integration of your name into the opening titles. You are the danger.

Watching Why Planes Crash before a plane ride (Jared Holden)


Judges Comment: If there is one thing to jinx a plane ride – this is it. Your commitment to the cause is unprecedented, you fearlessness in stepping onto that plane admirable. We hope your flight went smoothly because there’s a Chromecast in baggage claim with your name on it.

Watching 30 Rock with 30 pictures of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Natasha Hoyland)


Judges Comment: One of our favourite things at The Spinoff is a strong visual pun. Assembling that many images of Dwayne is no small task, it’s surprising your browser didn’t explode with sheer muscle mass. Liz Lemon would be proud.

Watching Breaking Bad in a science lab (Sophie Smith)


Judges Comment: This entry got us more excited about science than when Jesse discovered magnets for the first time. A dangerously colourful entry – we don’t even want to know what that purple stuff is. Tuco will be in touch.

Watching Swamp People down by the local swamp (Emily Smith)


Judges Comment: Way to embrace the natural landscape in this beautiful swampy vista. Competition aside, this is just a charming photograph. And what better accompaniment to the breathtaking natural landscape than Swamp People?

Watching Better Call Saul in a lawyer’s office (Michael Thomas)

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.34.30 pm

Judges Comment: Your office is a lot tidier than Jimmy McGill’s, and I can’t see any manicurists lurking around, but you’ve still captured the essence of Saul. The ‘World’s Greatest Lawyer’ Mug. The gratuitous self portrait. The untouched files. Great job.

Watching Black Sails at the docks (Paige Willenbrock)


Judges Comment: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Or Veuve – you’re pretty close to the viaduct there. This entry not only provides the perfect Black Sails location, but it hammers home important water safety messages that we should all take on board.

And the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a Samsung Galaxy S6 is…

Watching Nothing Trivial at a pub quiz (Sarah Finnigan-Walsh)

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.34.11 pm

Judges comment: Way to put it all on the line in the name of competition. We are honoured that you care more about us than your pub quiz, I’ve seen phones confiscated for much much less. You haven’t even had a sip of beer by the looks of things, talk about commitment!

Shane Cortese would be proud, and Nerida Cortese would be jealous of all his attention. Regardless of if you won your quiz or not, you’ve certainly won this competition. And there’s nothing trivial about that.

Congratulations to all of our triumphant winners, may you continue to wreck havoc throughout the televisual land.


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