Get amping for Funny Girls season two with this cool and exclusive clip

Alex Casey previews episode one of Funny Girls, and we debut an exclusive clip ahead of the show’s return tonight on Tv3. 

No pressure on Funny Girls season two but, as the hapless but impeccably-dressed producer Pauline says, all they have to do with their late night 22-minute comedy sketch series is “further all women and minorities and also appeal to a wide audience of men.” Easy? They sure make it seem so.

The new series begins with Rose and Laura crawling back to the beaming, confused smile of their producer Pauline (Jackie Van Beek, who has also levelled-up hair and costume-wise). The pair have drifted after Laura scored a gig hosting Hottest Tween Model and Rose scored a rakish bowler hat from Londontown, but it quickly becomes clear that the shambolic Funny Girls universe has remained exactly the same. And thank god for that.

All the best bit-part behind-the-scenes characters are back, baby: Jasmine the arthritis-ridden makeup artist, played by a maniacal Justine Smith, is now in charge of costuming which will definitely be 100% fine. The blokes in suits are now hardcore male feminists, and the security guard outside the studio has clearly been practising pratfalls all year.

So what else can you expect from season two? Expect a mic drop moment in an unsuspecting restaurant, Rose Matafeo doing an incredible Southern Memphis Meltdown-inspired drawl in a smokey bar, the most awkward game of Guess Who ever and a wild celebrity cameo for the ages. Holden fans will ‘ave a laff. Mad Max fans will ‘ave a laff. Fans of Nic Sampson laughing will ‘ave a laugh.

It premieres on Tv3 at 10pm tonight, but for now enjoy this teaser clip straight from the Funny Girls team building session:

Funny Girls season two premieres tonight at 10pm on TV3

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