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LightboxFebruary 12, 2016

A selection box of the most romantic television to watch this Valentine’s Day


Inside the Lightbox is a sponsored feature where we mine the extensive Lightbox category for shows you might want to watch. This week, we queue up some of the most romantic episodes of television for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day (no matter what your relationship status is). Warning: contains very sappy spoilers.

Outlander – ‘The Wedding’ (S01E07)

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This episode marks the point of no return for Claire Randall: it’s the Outlander episode where she falls in love with Jamie Fraser. The marriage of an independent woman from the 1940s and an eighteenth century Highland warrior is an unlikely union but, like a vegemite and chip sandwich, the result is spectacular.

‘The Wedding’ is intense, it’s passionate, it’s so steamy you’ll need to wipe your glasses clean afterwards. If you’re not even a wee bit touched when Jamie tells Claire that seeing her on their wedding day was like he’d “stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out,” then you are a heartless, porridge-loving swine.

Romance rating: 10 drams of whiskey out of 10

Orange Is the New Black – ‘You Also Have a Pizza’ (S02E06)


Whilst V and Red go about setting up their illicit prison side businesses, the ladies wax lyrical on what love means to them. It sounds corny, but Suzanne’s Valentine’s mantra is about as empowering as it gets: “this year I’m lovin’ someone who deserves me: me.” They also have a bit of a party featuring ‘Pin the Dick on the Dude’ and make some cookies. It really is the ultimate feel-good Galentine’s Day.

Romance Rating: 8 rude biscuits out of 10

The Office UK – The Christmas Special Part 2 (S02E08)


There’s no denying that Tim and Dawn’s blooming romance under the grey skies of Slough is possibly the greatest love story TV has ever seen. Over the two seasons we held onto every cheeky glance, every lingering hand on a shoulder, every Gareth tease-session. But would they ever make the leap? Would Dawn ever shake off her drip of a fiancé? It was the kiss the world was waiting for, and it did not disappoint. Everything about it is perfect; the tear-jerker song, the hand on the neck, the snippy aside to Gareth. Tim and Dawn, welcome to the free love freeway.

Romance rating: 10 heart-shaped post-its out of 10

The Office US – Niagara (S06E04)


Where The Office UK restrained the romance to one perfect finale kiss, the sprawling American version allowed us to follow Jim and Pam as they built a life together over the nine glorious seasons. There are so many Jim and Pam moments of note, but it’s pretty hard to go past the ‘Niagara’, where they get married to the soaring laser sounds of Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’. With all of their beloved colleagues gatecrashing proceedings with a viral flash mob, the pair head to Niagara Falls to say their vows. Is that a waterfall or are those just your gushing tears? It’s simply impossible to say.

Romance rating: 9 flash mobs out of 10

Downton Abbey – ‘Christmas Special Part 1′ (S02E09)


During the Christmas/New Year period, we saw the sparks of love beginning between Mary and Matthew. Don’t be fooled though, the romance in this episode takes on a tragic tinge as Bates is on trial for murder. The Dowager Countess also utters possibly one of her best lines “Maybe he’s had enough banging for one life”. Try and weave it in somewhere this Valentine’s Day.

Romance rating: 6 heart-shaped scones out of 10

The Mindy Project – ‘The One That Got Away’ (S01E16)


Mindy reunites with an old flame she met at summer camp, the loveable and hilarious Sam (Seth Rogen). She quickly realises, as is often the Mindy way, that this guy is the man of her dreams. After spending the perfect day with him, she tries to stop him from leaving for Afghanistan the following day by accidentally throwing him out of the window. True love at it’s finest.

Romance rating: 7 Sandra Bullocks out of 10

Modern Family – ‘My Funky Valentine’ (S01E15)


Love conquers a serious of very awkward moments during Modern Family’s first Valentine’s episode. Phil and Claire take part in some role play which almost exposes Claire’s naked butt to a hotel full of people, Jay and Gloria go to a comedy show which hits a bit too close to home and Manny tries to win back the love of his life from his arch nemesis. Keep your eye out for the ultimate trick to hiding how many Valentines chocs you have eaten.

Romance rating: 9 naked butts out of 10

UnReal – ‘Princess’ (S01E09)


While Adam rides around on robotic horses and smashes through fake walls with the remaining contestants on the show ‘Everlasting’, Rachel’s love life gets more and more complicated. Also features secret ECP’s, lawsuits, blackmail, and at the end, arguably one of the most romantic lines you will hear all Valentine’s day.

Romance rating: 10 Everlasting bracelets out of 10

The X-Files – ‘Millenium’ (S07E04)


This is technically not the first kiss for Duchovny and Anderson in the history of The X-Files, but definitely Mulder and Scully’s first lucid pash with no supernatural interference or weird stuff going on. Despite being an awkward kiss in front of a Y2K New Year’s eve broadcast, it will have you screaming “FINALLY!” at the television screen and viciously slapping the person next to you to make sure they didn’t miss the moment every X-Files fan was waiting for.

Romance rating: 7 aliens out of 10

Parks and Recreation – ‘Halloween Surprise’ (S05E05)


Ben Wyatt became every Parks and Recreation fans eternal TV husband when he got down on one knee and said “I want to be with you forever” to Leslie Knope. She pauses, wanting to remember every detail of this moment for the rest of her life. It’s long, awkward almost, but sums up their relationship to a tee. Ben has the patience and understanding to cope with Leslie’s erratic, neurotic whims, and even *gasp* loves her for them. In that empty, unfurnished room, you just can’t help but feel they’ve already got all they need in life. Treat yo’self to this one, you won’t regret it.

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