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ListsDecember 17, 2014

2014 in Review: Heard It Through Our Great Vines

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Alex Casey lists the finest vine moments The Spinoff was able to capture this year (we’ve only been around since September, so excuse the recency bias). //

I spent a day in the The Spinoff’s Vine archives with a monocle and an ear trumpet reviewing our wealth of six second masterpieces. These are my favourite ones, apologies that they are mostly from the election and My Kitchen Rules NZ. Nothing else really mattered this year anyway, right?

Russel Norman Told Off For Dancing

During the Minor Party Leader Debate, the ad break cut back to the studio a little too quickly. Just in time to catch Russel Norman having a proper hoedown, followed by Hosking immediately telling him to stop dancing. Aka exactly the plot of Footloose.

Cunliffe Plans for Pie Expansion

The Decision 2014 Leaders’ Debate, it was 80% yelling and 20% Cunliffe weirdly talking about pies. 

David Cunliffe Gets Called David Parker

Post election, this was the first TV interview David Cunliffe did after Labour’s abysmal result. At the end of the interview, John Campbell accidentally called him David Parker and it was one of the most poignant and damning moments of 2014.

Ian Does a Borat Impression on MKRNZ

Fireman Ian was one of the best contestants on My Kitchen Rules NZ. The humble cauliflower hater once pulled a guitar out of nowhere and started soulfully singing at an instant restaurant, just because. In this hilarious instalment, he does a spot-on Borat impression whilst talking to his partner Sandie. Very nice.

Drummer at TVNZ Launch

This was just a dumb and funny memory from the TVNZ launch, which Duncan covered extensively. The end of the show featured this compelling drum display, in front of a showreel of next year’s shows. The drummer looked a lot like Jack Tame. The jury is still out on whether or not it was actually him.

Stay tuned for 2015, who knows what will come through the great Vine next.

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