ListsNovember 27, 2014

Sci Fi Week: To Trademe and Beyond


With Sci Fi week in full swing and Christmas right around the corner, Alex Casey dredges up some powerful space junk from the dark reaches of the Trademe TV Memorabilia galaxy. //

If there is one place to learn about the nuances of a particular show and it’s fandom, I can highly recommend following the Trademe rabbit hole of Antiques and Collectables > Movie & TV Memorabilia > Other. It’s a treasure trove of scary dusty magazine clippings and thimbles featuring your favourite Coronation St stars, and a great place for the obsessed and the curious to get their dose of niche TV (often at bargain prices). The spoils of the sci fi genre in particular are clear. If you look closely amongst the 32 pages of Tardis replicas, you might just find something that will make you proudly declare “bid me up, Scotty!” (but probably not).

Here are some of the good things I salvaged from the black hole (Upper Hutt) and beyond:

Racy Six Million Dollar Man Travel Mug

This rare mug, from the 1973-1978 show about a former astronaut who becomes a little bit of a cyborg, is described as “highly collectible and intensely useful.” Perfect for a fan of the show, durable and streamlined enough to stay with them “wherever they may run.” Even if the gift receiver runs deep into the horizon because you gave them this weird present – at least their morning cup of joe will stay piping hot. Get in quick, this bargain is literally running out the door.

Rare Incomplete Star Trek Fact Files
If there is one place I like to get all my Star Trek information in this day and age, it’s from a giant pile of half-completed fact files. This box of binders and eternal wisdom is sitting at a cool $1 reserve, and the seller seems so desperate I bet they would throw in those little brushes for free. I see a trend here. All brush, no shovel. All binders, no info. Throw your computer in the bin, this is the new Wikipedia. Make it so.

Scary Scalped Dr Who Head Mug
For all those Dr Who fans out there who love Matt Smith so much that they want to tear off his scalp, scoop out his brains and drink a beverage of their choice from his empty skull – this is just the thing! The “concisely detailed” mug is also the perfect size for a healthy serving of fish fingers and custard, the 11th Doctor’s personal signature dish.

Signed Battlestar Galactica Erotic Picture
Frakin’ hell what a deal! After our illustrious and illuminating catch up club discussion about Battlestar Galactica episode one, you’d be mad not to want this signed sexy pic of Starbuck, the third sexiest character behind Number 6 and Bridget Jones’ gay best friend. Frame it, hang it on the wall of your rusty space ship next your Death Tally whiteboard. Should brighten the mood a bit.

Star Trek Top and Bonus John Stamos Skin Suit
This excellent costume top is probably the only item of clothing in the world that “can be worn with any black trousers & shoes to create a great Star Trek outfit.” According to the above diagram, if you put on the top you will also be beamed up to John Stamos level handsomeness. Featuring the design from the original Star Trek series as worn by Mr Spock himself, chuck this on and strut your stuff down Vulcan Lane with the best of them.

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