One Question Quiz

MediaOctober 7, 2016

The Spinoff needs you for five minutes


Waiting for an egg to boil? Sitting through a long ad break? Be a cool reader and take our cool survey.

The Spinoff exists because a small family of amazing brands like what we do and pay to sponsor us as a business. They’re also paying to keep us doing good work because they value you as an audience. We don’t charge for The Spinoff, and never will – but one thing you can do to help contribute to the site is fill out this survey. It should take less than five minutes, and will help us keep our existing clients happy and grow the scope of what we do.

We also want feedback from you on what we do – and what you’d like to see more of from your mates at The Spinoff.

Please feel free to skip any question you don’t want to answer, and thanks for your time and support – it truly means everything to us.

Having trouble viewing the survey? Take it here.

Keep going!