The Sunday List: 12 headlines about Adrian Orr

Lists are good and so are Sundays. We combine both those things in a new Spinoff feature. This week: Headlines from the past six months about the the Reserve Bank governor, Adrian Orr

RBNZ prepares to stick its Orr in

ASB, March 29

Banks Orr-struck yet again

The Australian, April 10

Big banks brace for shock and Orr

The Australian, April 11

Once Orr unto the breach dear friends

KiwiBank, May 7

O Is for Orrsome

KiwiBank, May 10

Whacked with an Orr

The Spinoff, May 16

Shock and Orr, New Zealand style

The Australian, July 16

Stand by for more shock and Orr

Newsroom, August 7

Go easy on the shock and Orr

Australian Financial Review, August 8

Rate cut dips an Orr in Oz waters

NZ Herald, August 12

Ready, Orr not?

NZ Herald, August 12

Shock and Orr

ASB, August 12

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