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louise mensch

MediaNovember 21, 2019

Cheat sheet: What’s conspiracy theory crackpot Louise Mensch doing on RNZ?

louise mensch

Louise Mensch is set to hit New Zealand airwaves this evening. Who is this conspiracy theorist and what could she possibly be saying to Lisa Owen?

Who is Louise Mensch?

She’s a former Tory MP, founder of the Rupert Murdoch-funded “no safe spaces” website Heat Street, a romance novelist, and a conspiracy theorist. She’s considered by many to be the Alex Jones of the left, and has been described by former counterterrorism officer Malcolm Nance as both “a froot loop of the highest order” and “batshit crazy”.

In recent years she’s become best known for a brief moment of journalistic glory as the person who spearheaded the “Russians got Trump elected” movement. For a hot second, everyone thought she’d scooped the US media on Russian hacking. It turned out the information she’d published was false, which is what happens when your sources are a hoaxer and pure conjecture.

She resigned from life as a Tory MP in 2012 so she could move to New York with her family including her husband, Peter, who once managed rock band AC/DC.

She’s also claimed that Vladimir Putin murdered conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart, that Anthony Weiner was sexting a Russian hacker instead of an underage girl, and that Steve Bannon was going to get the death penalty (as a pro-lifer, it gave her no pleasure to report this).

What’s she doing in New Zealand?

Outside of bullying Newsroom journalist Marc Daalder, she’s here for RNZ’s Checkpoint. This evening, she’ll talk with Lisa Owen about Prince Andrew. In particular, she’ll talk about his disastrous recent interview in which he claimed to have never met Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the underage girl Jeffrey Epstein procured for him to have sex with, because he was busy at a Woking Pizza Express. He also claimed in the interview to have lost the ability to sweat for a period of years after being shot at in the Falklands and to have told Epstein they weren’t friends any more to his face (while staying with him for four days).

Recorded earlier today, the conversation with Owen took place after the announcement that Prince Andrew has stepped back from his public duties. Mensch has been critical of Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew, in the past. Monarchist or not, she can’t stand a royal embarrassment. 

What do we think her take will be?

Actually, this might be one of the first times she’s not featured as a total crackpot. She’s as infuriated by Prince Andrew as the rest of us. She’s publicly tweeted about how disgusting his lack of remorse is.

Mensch is likely to go in with recommendations for further punishment – removal of his (tax-free) stipend of £250,000 and being stripped of his titles. We’ll put money on her claiming that Russian hackers killed Epstein, too.

Where can I find Mensch’s work?

Her most honourable source of income can be found on the ICE-partnered, union-hating website Amazon.

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