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MediaMay 27, 2019

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Good news! We’re launching a free daily newsletter featuring all of the Spinoff’s stories published that day. Read on to sign up now.

Social media dominates how many consume content today. Whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram stories, our reliance on these platforms gives them immense power over what we see and when we see it. To put it mildly, those platforms have proven unreliable partners for journalism, and the amount of our content you see will vary wildly according to algorithm changes, or whether you’re more likely to click, react, or comment when you see a story. Plus, the onslaught of content in those environments makes us feel like we hardly have any time at all.

Last year we launched the Bulletin as a remedy for this, showcasing the best of New Zealand journalism for readers to start their day. We also have a newly revamped weekly newsletter featuring the best of the Spinoff’s content, sent out every Monday at 7pm.

Now, we’re launching the Spinoff Daily. The idea is straightforward: we collate all the stories published that day (Monday to Friday) into an email newsletter sent to you at 5pm. It’s short, simple and easy to read – and ensures that even if the algorithm changes, your access to the Spinoff won’t.

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