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Mamma mia! This Greek villa could be yours for less than 600,000 New Zealand dollars (Photo: Green Acres)
Mamma mia! This Greek villa could be yours for less than 600,000 New Zealand dollars (Photo: Green Acres)

MoneyJanuary 13, 2020

The houses you could buy for $700,000 around New Zealand and the world

Mamma mia! This Greek villa could be yours for less than 600,000 New Zealand dollars (Photo: Green Acres)
Mamma mia! This Greek villa could be yours for less than 600,000 New Zealand dollars (Photo: Green Acres)

The average New Zealand house price has hit a record high at over $700,000. What could we buy outside of Auckland – and around the world – for the same price?

For the first time since records began in 2007, the average asking price for a house in New Zealand has risen to over $700,000. Newly released figures from for December 2019 showed a 3.4% increase in house prices on the month before. 

A new low record was also set for the number of new listings nationwide, which spokesperson Vanessa Taylor said was creating a strong seller’s market.

“With our population growing at a rate of approximately 60,000 people per year over a 10-year span, significant demand for housing is likely to be putting pressure on our property market,” she said.

“In 2020, the total population of New Zealand is estimated to be nearing or exceeding 5,000,000, so we might see this stock shortage continue for some time.”

It’s not this pricey, nor are listings this sparse, in every region, however – and certainly not in some other areas of the world. Inspired by this RNZ story, we decided to look into what 700k could buy in New Zealand and abroad.

New Zealand


The average asking price in Northland was $619,775 at the end of last year, according to 

For $695,000, this new three-bedroom home is only metres from Taipa beach.

A brand new Taipa house for $695k (Photo: Trade Me)


The average asking price in the Waikato was $635,178 in December 2019. 

For around $600k, this property in Waihi has three bedrooms and a view of the Hauraki hills.

Wooden floors, a large front deck, vege gardens… what more could you want? (Photo: Trade Me)

Bay of Plenty

For $679,000, you could purchase this four-bedroom property in Tauranga, which has a separate studio apartment and views of the hills on the horizon.  

It’s under the average price for the Bay of Plenty by about $43,000. 

Beaut views! (Photo: Trade Me)


The Marlborough average has climbed over 2% since November, but at $538,467 was still nowhere near the national average.

For around $700k you could get this three-bedroom home with a view of the sea and a decent backyard/garden area. 

Can you see the sea? (Photo: Trade Me)


Southland has always been a great place to go for cheaper houses and 2019 was no different, with the December average rounding to $374,636. 

This five-bedroom, three-bathroom house is what you could get for under the national average price. 

Five bedrooms for under $600k in Invercargill (Photo: Trade Me)

The world


This villa in the southern Spanish town of Fuengirola is on sale for just $NZ671,000. It’s got four bedrooms, four bathrooms and access to a community tennis court and pool. It’s less than 10 minutes to the beach via car and is also stunning.

Your new home in Spain? (Photo:


This seven-bedroom Florida home is just $NZ630,709. It’s got a large private pool, is just minutes from many golf courses and it’s close to Disney World. 

I’ve never seen a seven-bedroom house in my life (Photo: Right Move)


In Baja California, one of the Mexican states that borders the US, this beachfront home costs only $NZ452,845. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and has views straight out of the windows onto the beautiful east coast.

See those palms in the reflection? They could be yours. (Photo: Point2Homes)


This four-bedroom penthouse apartment in Ferragudo in the Algarve is listed for $NZ669,500. It’s got ocean views and is only a short walk to restaurants and shops.

Penthouse apartment? Don’t mind if I do (Photo: Buy Property Portugal)


Greek villa take your fancy? For well under New Zealand’s average price at only $NZ585,417, this villa in Crete has ocean views and a private pool. It also has a fireplace, a billiards room and air-conditioning units and is a nice (albeit steep) walk into Plakias.

Mamma mia! (Photo: Green Acres)
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