Georgia Nott, The Venus Project (PHOTO: Catie Laffoon)

EXCLUSIVE: The Venus Project ‘Won’t Hurt’ live video premiere

The Spinoff presents the live video premiere of Broods’ Georgia Nott’s all-female produced solo project The Venus Project.

Georgia Nott says:

Initially written around two years ago, but still just as relevant to me today, ‘Won’t Hurt’ is about the duality of being both strong and vulnerable at the same time. Women are so often described as being “too emotional” as if it is a burden on the world. I personally believe the complete opposite: that being vulnerable lifts the world into new levels of connection and understanding. I’ve been working on accepting my own emotions over the past few years and by sharing them more openly, have worked to make them become my strengths. It can be scary being so open and honest, but it’s more freeing than painful. Vulnerability is liberating!

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