Mike Fabulous and Lawrence Arabia are Fabulous/Arabia (photo: supplied)

EXCLUSIVE: Fabulous/Arabia ‘Henry’ video premiere

The Spinoff presents the video premiere of a new song from Fabulous/Arabia (a collaboration between Mike Fabulous and Lawrence Arabia) called ‘Henry’.

Lawrence Arabia says:

The lyrics

While I have, in my own way, been gentrifying various neighbourhoods around the world over the past fifteen years, I still have only written maybe a couple of songs about gentrification in my life so it was high time to write another one.

The song was originally named ‘Toby’, but one of our band members objected to having his name being immortalised as some sort of totem of gentrification in Wellington, so I instead named it after the Auckland-based music editor of The Spinoff. [???? – Ed.]

My favourite line is about how “there used to be a bowling club right here up near Henry’s / Well now they’re selling fifteen dollar beers and that is cool – with Henry.” In a beautiful moment of serendipity, we had a Tudor-themed photo session at the Newtown Workingmen’s Bowling Club while Garage Project was concurrently having its staff Christmas party there. We really freaked them out.

Tudor Reggae

Tudor Reggae is essentially regular reggae music played by people dressed in Tudor-styled costumery.

Fabulous/Arabia in “A Tour Called Henry”
Friday 27 July at Meow, Wellington
Saturday 28 July at The Common Room, Hastings
Tickets from Under the Radar

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