MusicJune 15, 2022

The day I met Moko the dolphin


Lucy Suttor from Dick Move tells FIRST the romantic story behind her first tattoo, her bucket-hatted celebrity crush and the time she swam with a celebrity dolphin.

First celebrity crush

“This is really embarrassing because he is a prominent figure in the [music] industry now, but it was Props Boy from What Now. I don’t know what it was, I think it was something to do with the orange visor and the fact that he didn’t say anything.”

First tattoo

“My first tattoo is on my ribs and it’s the first verse of a poem that my dad wrote for my mum after their first date to a Santana concert. It says: ‘Once upon a lovely night, several nights ago, I touched the hand of a Santana fan and fell for its bright, bright glow.’ It’s adorable.”

First celebrity dolphin encounter

“So Moko had been in Gisborne for like a year… we heard that he might be coming around to Wainui Beach, so before school I went down to the beach and walked out into the water and he was there. I was up to my waist – no shit – he came towards me. He was massive, and I was standing there in shock. I put my hands down and he put his nose in my hands and then I held onto him and he took me for a ride along the beach. It sounds made up, but I swear it happened. He took me for a ride along the beach and then he started to go out a bit deeper, so I just let go, and I was fully in my clothes. Then I just got out of the water and walked back and it was the best moment of my entire life.”

First period

“I was on the Gisborne Intermediate cultural trip, which was a trip that our kapa haka team took down to Wellington to perform there. We were at Te Papa, I was watching some kind of production about penguins and I just remember feeling like my stomach was falling out my ass. I sat up and I was wearing – it’s just cliche – but I was wearing a white pencil skirt and I had bled through my skirt and onto the chair. My friend next to me gave me their jumper to put around my waist, and I just ran out.”

First conspiracy theory

“So you know on pieces of driftwood how there’s borer lines on them and termite lines? I thought that those squiggles were messages from aliens. It was around the time that I was really obsessed with space and I really wanted to be an astronaut. I must have been watching lots of alien movies. I was like, ‘Aha, alien messages in the driftwood! Bingo, bango, bongo – I’ve worked it out!'”

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