EXCLUSIVE: The Miltones ‘Disappear’ video premiere

The Spinoff presents the video premiere of The Miltones’ new video ‘Disappear’ shot in Auckland’s iconic Civic theatre.

The Miltones’ Milly Tabak says:

Stepping into the historic Civic building is one thing, but being on stage with remarkable and talented people is truly overwhelming. Being a young female at the beginning of my career I experienced some ‘imposter syndrome’ – like I was living in a moment that I hadn’t deserved or wasn’t supposed to be in. Luckily, I had a moment of clarity and thought, screw that, I’ve got the best team of badass females, we’re all going to own this! Being with people I truly believe in and in turn, believe in me was extremely empowering.

I met with videographer and director Charlotte Evans after approaching her about the idea. Immediately, we bonded over our passion for art and fashion – I knew we would create something beautiful together. Early on we got local bridal designer Brooke Tyson on board to use one her gorgeous gowns. It was all coming together so perfectly. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a mother, but I have an enormous maternal feeling of love and pride for this project, like a baby, and now we get to release it!

Being able to share the experience of filming ‘Disappear’ with Aorere College media students was important to me. I felt like this project was a community effort so giving back to the up-and-coming generation felt right to me, plus we weren’t the only ones to benefit from Auckland Live letting us use the Civic, this was a day where we all got to take something special away. I love that sense of community and sharing!

My heart is full and completely grateful for the opportunity that we were given to shoot ‘Disappear’ in the Civic. This is a track about how strife and turbulence can be a disguised as beautiful manipulation but then by letting go of that anchor and moving on we eventually get to a better life. We all have our stories I guess I just wanted something to signify that things do get better.

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