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NewsOctober 1, 2014

Good Weather? More Like Good Charlotte

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Yesterday the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte fame took over the Breakfast weather report for some reason.

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It began with Weatherman Sam dressed in slightly cool punkish clothes (including many large rings) taking a selfie with the rocker twins, before stepping aside and giving them a Maori Place Name Challenge. The masterminds behind Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous weighed in with various pronunciations, and actually did okay despite their distracting goatee beards. The overall verdict of the challenge was that the “Waipu? Why Not!” joke is still going unnervingly strong.

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Next they moved on to the weather itself, with Joel choosing to read the highs and Benji reading the lows. It wore thin pretty fast; “got some cloud today, use your low beams out there” got many giggles from off-camera. The once-famous people! They’re talking about our clouds! Anyway, the whole thing was very surreal and here’s a picture of Rawdon Christie being cool.

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Watch the full segment on Breakfast here

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