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NewsNovember 7, 2014

The Week in TV News: Teasers, Tightropes and Tentacles


Will it be Fourth Time Lucky for the Girls of Girls?
HBO has confirmed that the fourth season of Lena Dunham’s Girls will premiere on January 11 in the States. Who knows what that means for us at this stage but, for now, please enjoy this set visit teaser. I always thought Shoshanna was born in a seashell too.

270526-arrested-development-arrested-developmentMarry Me! Arrested Development to be Recut
Creator of Arrested Development Mitch Hurwitz confirmed this week that he will be recutting season four into chronological order. Executive producer/most recognisable narrator of all time Ron Howard took to twitter from the sound booth, hinting there will also be new footage and new jokes. Sounds like we got a real stew going.

This Anaconda Don’t Want None
On December 7, Discovery Channel will air a documentary called Eaten Alive. In it, naturalist and filmmaker Paul Rosolie will possibly be devoured by an Anaconda in a snake-proof suit in order to film from within it’s belly. Animal rights groups are, quite rightly, up in arms about the seemingly torturous idea. Rosolie will allegedly have a cord attached to him to pull him back out of the snake. It sounds rough as guts. Honestly, I’m more interested in seeing what a custom-made snake-proof suit looks like. It’s probably this.

SKYSCRAPER LIVEKeep on the Tightrope
More stunt news. A good week for stunts. In case you missed it on Monday, tightrope extraordinaire Nik Wallenda completed another televised death-deying stunt. Crossing between the two high rise Mariner buildings in downtown Chicago on a tightrope, he even donned a blindfold and declined safety gear. And of course he made it. We liveblogged the whole thing in it’s painful and slightly disappointing entirety.

John Oliver Mentions New Zealand Again, Confirming That We Definitely Exist
Wheel out Dave Dobbyn and wave a lock of Lorde’s hair around patriotically- we did it again New Zealand! Since satirist John Oliver’s bemused reportage of the infamous Marshall Mathers vs John Key showdown, the people at Last Week Tonight With John Oliver have obviously realised that New Zealand is pure vein of ridiculous news gold. Either that, or Oliver’s looking for an invite to The Hobbit premiere. This week he ripped into our flag debate, with a bit of Paul Henry chucked in for good measure:

the_strain_del_toroGet Into The Zone
Sky launched their brand-new glistening ooze-covered sci-fi/horror channel The Zone on Monday. Injected with amazing new genre-bending shows such as Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain and Robert Rodriguez’ From Dusk Till Dawn, it’s one for fans to look out for. Plus The Zone has all the old favourites playing in marathon segments. Buffy. Battlestar. Knight Rider. It’s all there on channel 016.

Have a happy and safe weekend from The Spinoff.

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