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NewsOctober 10, 2014

The Week in News: Fresh Soaps, Funny Girls, Weird Holograms


Rounding up the week in TV news so you can make cool small talk with peers, postmen and partygoers over the weekend.//

Tambor as Maura
Tambor as Maura

The Show About Renewal Gets It’s Own Renewal
This week the good people at Lightbox brought the much-anticipated Amazon original series Transparent to our fair shores, and we can’t sing it’s praises high enough. Today it was confirmed that due to the overwhelming success and critical praise for the show in the US, Transparent will back back for season two in 2015. Plenty of time for you to watch it here. Honestly, we implore you to watch it.

The Return of Twin Peaks and Damn Good Coffee
David Lynch posted a typically eerie message for his “Dear Twitter Friends” on Tuesday, confirming the return of his surreal serial drama Twin Peaks in 2016 through a buzzy vid. But, for fans who had been watching closely, you would have known this already. That’s right, Lynch left clues in the show’s final 1991 episode, spelling out the date for it’s return. Check around the three-minute mark. Our world really is a magical smokescreen.

TV3 Gets Serial About a Daily Soap
It was announced on Wednesday that TV3 is chasing it’s very own five-nights-a-week soap. Looking to launch in 2015, Mediaworks has invited production companies and individuals alike to pitch concepts for the serial drama. We sat down and had a terrible Dragon’s Den style round of pitching. You should have a go. It’s a lot harder than you think and will make you see Shortland Street in a whole new light.

ah, to be a woman and to laugh
ah, to be a woman and to laugh

Girls Don’t Like Boys, Girls Like Being Funny
Talking of brand new NZ content, New Zealand on Air funding was also announced for six 30-minute episodes of a homegrown sketch show, with a female driven-cast and lady interests for ladies. But this is seriously great, the show promises to showcase all the smokin’ talent of the NZ female comedy scene. Mediaworks honcho John McDonald knows what’s up: “we have to get more women comedians on tv . . . New Zealand comedy is still a bit over-represented in males, but there is some great female talent out there.” Oh captain my captain!

You Can Call Me Ran-dy
Lorde responded to her recent appearance on the South Park episode “Gluten Free Ebola”, wherein Randy took it upon himself to dress as Lorde and perform her new single “I am Lorde (Ya Ya Ya)” She took to Instagram and, of course, was cool with it: “this is actually surprisingly cute – and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance.”

loves a hologram
loves a hologram

Letterman Confused by Hologram.
Breaking up the comforting monotony of Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra, Dave L ushered in a new type of musical guest last night – a singing hologram. Hatsune Miku is a virtual pop star, and the latest Japanese sensation. Letterman seemed suitably confused yet entertained whilst trying to interact with her, “it’s like being on Willie Nelson’s bus.”

Rotorua’s True Detective
A new crime-drama being made for the BBC will be set and filmed in Rotorua. From the producers of Downton Abbey, and written by Wellingon-based Neil Cross, the show will feature two female detectives as the lead characters. It’s about time that somebody taught the good people at True Detective that two female leads is nothing to be scared of.

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