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NewsMarch 16, 2015

Who Else Has Copied Willy Moon? A Spinoff Investigation


Hayden Donnell tracks down various other disgusting artists who have copied X Factor NZ judge Willy Moon’s idiosyncratic style. //

Natalia Kills was just saying what we were all thinking. The Thor to Mel Blatt’s weary Odin is getting cyber-bullied this morning for telling Joe Irvine a well-known fact: her husband Willy Moon invented ‘wearing a suit’ and ‘having hair’. Many have called her comments “shameful” and “not Kiwi”. But would you use an Ab King Pro in front of the inventor of the Ab King Pro? No. Joe was in the wrong. Still, at least he wasn’t the only one. An investigation into the actions of Invercargill’s most emotional pet attendant reveals many others have stolen Willy’s look.

US President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln gets a lot of kudos for ending slavery in the US. But not many people know about his secret life as a Willy Moon style klepto. Look at this shot:


Remind you of anything? Take away the beard and the small hint of an emotion and what do you get? That’s right: Willy Moon. Can you be both a hero and thief? I’ll let history decide.

Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich

It’s easy to look at those old black-and-white-films and fall into the trap of thinking the Golden Age of Hollywood was a more innocent time. But this investigation can reveal that the movie biz has always been cut-throat; filled with people willing to beg, cheat and style-steal to get ahead.


Look at Marlene Dietrich. Her Wikipedia says she was famous for “continually re-inventing herself”. Sure. But only as different versions of Willy Moon. A famous scene in her breakthrough film Morocco shows her seducing men in a tuxedo suit. She later repeated the look with even more brazen results. Maybe some of the royalties from ‘Morocco’ should actually go to ‘Moon’.

These stock photo models


Ever seen these guys appearing on news stories about work? They all seem to be dressed pretty similarly. I wonder who they were inspired by? That’s right: Willy Moon. Ever since Moon got up on stage in a startling, three-piece grey suit in the video for his song ‘Yeah Yeah‘, thousands of office workers have laboured under the expectation of matching his style. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know the feeling: Getting that email from the CEO with the subject line ‘Style directive’, followed by the text, always the same: “Be more like Willy Moon.”

Labour leader Michael Joseph Savage

Michael Joseph Savage is known as the architect of the welfare state. He transformed the economic and political landscape of the country; declared war on Nazi Germany while in the late stages of cancer. But apparently he didn’t have time to think of his own fashion ideas because this guy is copying Willy Moon in every photo.


Before you can design an entire welfare state, maybe try designing your own clothes and hair, Michael. Embarrassing.

The Rat Pack

Perhaps the most notorious and successful Willy Moon style thieves: The Rat Pack was a singing and acting troupe centred around Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. that operated together through the 1960s. The group were united by four things: their love of booze, women, music and stealing Willy Moon’s style.

ratpack (1)

None of the rat pack are alive to face the consequences of their actions. Even more galling, many of them were given a hero’s send-off. Some are even celebrated today. They say crime doesn’t pay, but for this group, it appears society has made an exception.

PS: Don’t let Willy find out that a whole TV show copied his look either…

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