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Remembering New Zealand’s greatest talent show performances

With Popstars returning to our screens tonight, we turn back the clock and relive some of New Zealand’s most memorable talent show stars.

‘Audiences love New Zealanders here’: Dominic Bowden talks to Alex Casey in LA

Two years ago, Alex Casey climbed into the on-set trailer belonging to Dominic Bowden - then Dancing With the Stars US backstage host, now host of The Bachelor NZ - to talk live TV, Kiwis vs Americans, and making it in Los Angeles.

Is the Bachelor NZ falling victim to our reality TV’s second season syndrome?

The first season of The Bachelor NZ was arguably the greatest of any localised reality import. Unfortunately the second is thus far a disaster. Duncan Greive asks if we have any right to expect otherwise.

Summer Reissue: Hex Factor – Watching Willy Moon and Natalia Kills Flee New Zealand

After the terrifying X Factor NZ tirade that made our top TV moment of 2015, we thought it would be fitting to revisit Don Rowe's report from Auckland airport as he watched Willy Moon and Natalia Kills leave the country.

Summer Reissue: Remembering Our Extensive Spinoff Investigation Who Sold the KillsMoon Dirty Bedsheets

Not only were WIlly Moon and Natalia Kills electric TV talent in 2015, they also were involved in one of the strangest TradeMe auctions of the year. Alex Casey tracked down the man who tried to sell their used sheets, towels and hotel feedback form on TradeMe.

Television: Counting Down the 50 Best New Zealand TV Moments of the Year (#20-11)

The fourth instalment in our New Zealand TV moments of the year, including koala poops, Dad bods and Oprah's amazing live gatecrash.

Music Monday: Could You F*** to this? A Review of X Factor NZ 2015 Winner Beau Monga’s Album

"You could f*** to it, but if you last any longer than 3 minutes 19 seconds you’re in big trouble" – Calum Henderson reviews the debut album from X Factor NZ 2015 winner, Beau Monga.

Music Monday: Will Life Imitate Art? A Musical Update on the Romance of Modern Times

This year's 48 Hour film competition produced a groundbreaking musical starring Paul Williams and Lilli Bayliss from X Factor NZ, better known from The Spinoff's first foray into matchmaking.

Music Monday: Industry Realism, Band Tensions and How Popstars Had the X Factor

In the wake of the X Factor NZ finale, Claire Adamson rewatches Popstars – and discovers much more compelling insights into the world of manufactured superstardom.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week 14 – Jelly Wrestling, Advice for Beau and Burying the X Factor Corpse

In the final Group Think for X Factor NZ 2015, the Spinoff writers assemble one last time to express their frustrations and remember the good times like when they were 18.

X Factor NZ: After the Factor Podcast – Hey Now, Hey Now, Don’t Dream it’s Over

The brave final three Nic Sampson, Joseph Moore and Eli Mathewson dissect the finale of X Factor NZ, celebrate Beau's disturbing winning song, and look towards the dull future.

X Factor NZ: Power Rankings, Week 10 – A Nation Decides…

Duncan Greive forces out a final Power Rankings, ending this dreadful season of X Factor NZ with a reflection on what turned a once-enjoyable show into an epic, endless waking nightmare.

X Factor NZ: Fight, Shred and Slap Your Way to the Top in Our X Factor Game

After the final of X Factor NZ, Joseph Harper creates an interactive game that promises to be more challenging, fun and have higher production values than the competition itself.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week 13 – Finding True X Factor Bliss and Rearranging Shelton’s Jellybeans

With at least two think tank members at the live X Factor NZ show this week, we deliver more inside jellybean-based scoops than ever before.

My Life in TV: Hilary Barry on Early Starts and Paul Henry’s Second Banana

Alex Casey talks to Hilary Barry about juggling Paul Henry and 3 News, watching X Factor and playing Paul Henry's second banana.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, 12 – Broad Truths, Industry Hats and Crying Doppelgangers

After a week of Kiwi classics, our Group Thinkers weigh in with Steve's real age, Shelton's irritating metaphorical wardrobe and scoops from the set.

X Factor: After the Factor Podcast – No Longer Lovin’ It

Fresh from the live show, inside scoops include Steve’s set mayhem, Brendon Thomas and the Toilet and Gin Wigmore resent. Also, Paul updates us on Lili-gate.

X Factor NZ: Power Rankings, Week Eight – Inside the Sausage Fest

After a much-needed week off, Power Ranker Duncan Greive went to Mangere to watch X Factor live.

The X Factor NZ: Power Rankings, Week Seven – Let’s Just Get the Spice Girls to Decide the Winner

Alex Casey guests on the seventh week of X Factor NZ power rankings – letting a Spice Girls tin decide the competition's fate.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week Eleven – The Milky Bar Broad, Demi and the Vibes and Buff Times

Group Thinkers discuss various topics from this week on X Factor NZ including Steve Broad's milky origins, the Vibes' pop past and

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week 10 – Mel Blatt Lust & Shirtless Hatbeard Disgust

The Spinoff knights meet at the television roundtable to talk week 10 on X Factor NZ. Topics include: endless MediaWorks cross-promotion, Israel Dagg's music video debut and, as ever, a general sense of apathy.

X Factor NZ: After The Factor Podcast – Boating, Voting and Dom Doing the Counting

After another baffling elimination, After The Factor turns to more important discussion: Do fish eat other fish? Will Stan and Dom ever play sqaush? Is Nic allowed to be mad …

X Factor NZ: Power Rankings, Week Six – Celebrity Death Watch

Duncan Greive wistfully recalls the winter of 2013, when Daniel Bedingfield's magnificent floral bottom was where Shelton's toned buttocks now rest, and this show was a joy and not a bore.

X Factor NZ: After the Factor Podcast – Fare Thee Welling Joe, Finlay and All Hope

Former The Wireless X Factor commentator Matthew McAuley and Tumblr grandmaster Melanie Bracewell join Nic Sampson in Joseph's bedroom to discuss last night's shocking and profoundly depressing events.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week Nine – Broad Strokes and Ir-Vines

The Spinoff knights meet at the television roundtable to discuss week nine on X Factor NZ, featuring the shock elimination of Finlay and Joe.

Music Monday: How One Young X Factor Fan Accident-Lili Fell In Love

Paul Williams takes us on a heartfelt journey through his ongoing online courtship of Lili Bayliss from The X Factor NZ.

X Factor NZ: Power Rankings, Week Five – Double Down

Double elimination. Two words, either heavenly or horrific. They sounded so sweet to us at home, carrying with them the promise of a shorter show, relieved of two more can’t-winners from this cursed season.

X Factor NZ: Group Think, Week Eight

The Spinoff knights meet at the television roundtable to discuss week eight on X Factor NZ: One Hit Wonder edition.// Robyn Gallagher on Pleasing the Older Woman In week two, the show theme was "Biggest Records …