Close-Up Of Woman Igniting Cigarette Lighter At Home

ParentsDecember 15, 2016

Why you need to Flick

Close-Up Of Woman Igniting Cigarette Lighter At Home

A special message for Spinoff Parents readers from editor Emily Writes.

The Spinoff Parents is an almost three-month-old bundle of joy and so it’s time to remind you that this precious baby only exists because of Flick Electric. They’re the parents of Spinoff Parents. Without them we wouldn’t exist.

I truly believe we need this place to exist – so far we have heard stories from parents who are struggling and parents who are thriving. We’ve talked to parents who have lost children and parents working through mental health issues. We’ve had solo parents share their stories and parents with desperately ill children opening up about what their world looks like. We’ve had discussions about the reality of racism, the need for support in early parenting, and the state of maternity care in New Zealand. We’ve had people share their journey to becoming parents with us and people talk about why they don’t want to be parents.

We’ve been “political” – we’ve covered bulk funding, we’ve looked into the child welfare system, we’ve had big ideas about how to protect children and support families in this country.

We’ve talked about everything from birth trauma to vasectomies to fucking amber beads.

We’ve run an instructional piece on how to take a shit.

And we have so much more planned.

If you like what we’re doing, show your support by supporting Flick. If there was ever a power company made for families, it’s Flick Electric. I have been a customer for well over a year now and I’ve never looked back. On average customers save $417 a year with Flick – everyone I know who has switched has saved a bucket of money.

Wine money.

Flick Electric have always supported families – because they’re run by family people.

They began sponsoring my blog a year ago after I reviewed their service and they’re one of the only companies who haven’t ever demanded that I use company slogans organically or “approve” wording with them. They’ve never asked for editorial control over anything I write on my blog. I’ve never sent them anything before publishing. They have simply supported a mum trying to support her family through writing. They don’t care if I post drunk.

So, when the idea of having a dedicated parents section with no clickbait and no judgemental bullshit was first conceived, I knew Flick were the team to support it. I knew we had to have a sponsor whose service was so good that we could all put our names behind it and promise parents that it’s a worthwhile company to get behind.

It had to be a service that was good for families. Flick is that service.

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Power bills are usually a nightmare. They used to terrify me and I’ve had to borrow money to pay bills. I know what it’s like. Weekly billing and being able to actually see how I can save money by using appliances at certain times has saved me heaps. I’ve talked about how the model works here.

Put as simply as possible: there are no fixed term contracts – if it doesn’t work for you, you can leave. No tricks. No traps. It takes minutes to switch and they do everything for you. It really is New Zealand’s fairest power deal. If you don’t believe me – they have a 96% customer satisfaction rating. They’re also New Zealand’s only Consumer Trusted power company certified by Consumer NZ, they have the Rainbow Tick for workplace diversity, and they offset their carbon emissions with carbon credits from Pigeon Bush in the Wairarapa.

And by supporting The Spinoff Parents they’re supporting heaps of parents who write too!

Please support The Spinoff Parents by supporting Flick Electric. Switch to them now – click here or call 0800 4 FLICK. By doing so you’ll keep The Spinoff Parents thriving and we will get to share more stories from parents around Aotearoa.

Now more than ever we need to share stories, to open our world to each other. I truly believe we would have far less judgement in the parenting space if we could share with each other more than we do now.

Emily Writes, Editor, Spinoff Parents

To flick over to Flick – or just to have an obligation-free chat about your options – call 0800 4 FLICK or click here.

Mad Chapman, Editor
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