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PartnersMay 6, 2015

Inside the Lightbox: Leaving You to Your Own Doggone Devices

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Lightbox have rolled out their platform to a plethora of new compatible devices. Alex Casey, with the help of some canine friends, breaks them down for you. 

Like Johnny Depp in Transcendence, video-on-demand service Lightbox has escaped the boundaries of traditional technology to bring television almost anywhere. Here are a few of the places you can watch TV anywhere, anytime.


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Just download the free app from the Apple store and you’re away laughing. Or crying. Depends what you’re watching really.

iPhones (4S and above)

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As long as you have an iPhone 4S or above, you can take TV in your pocket wherever you go. Click here to get amongst it.

Android tablets and Phones (v. 4.2 and above)

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Android fans rejoice, if you have a phone or tablet operating on version 4.2 or higher, you can download the Lightbox app here from the Google Play store and get watching today.

Samsung Smart TVs

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It’s the new kind of TV…on the old kind of TV. Get started here.

PlayStation 3 & 4

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Playstation have started making their own TV shows (Powers, anyone?), so it’s only fair that you can enjoy Lightbox on your Playstation 3 or 4 as you wish.


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That’s right, Lightbox remains available on all PCs as well.


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It never really left, Lightbox can still be enjoyed online from a Macintosh computer at your leisure. How do you like those entertainment apples!


Click here to sign up to Lightbox, receive a free 30 day trial and watch TV up a mountain if you feel like it.

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