One Question Quiz

PartnersNovember 6, 2023

Introducing 1Q, The Spinoff’s one-question quiz


Welcome to your next daily frustration.

Today, The Spinoff is launching 1Q, the shortest quiz in the world. With just one question and the clock ticking, it’s more about working under pressure than how many capital cities you know (though that would certainly help). The quiz will run Monday to Friday, so you won’t ruin your weekend with a failed attempt. There’ll be a new and totally random question each day and a time commitment of less than 30 seconds from beginning to end. 

Like many other quizzes, the question will never be as easy as you’d hoped. But unlike many other quizzes, you’ll get more than one go at it. Time is of the essence and if you’re correct first and fast, that’s the glory. But we aren’t into shaming, so if you miss on the first guess, you can guess again. And again. Once you have it (or don’t), you can share your medal with friends and on social media or never speak of it again. 

We’ll be playing it every day and invite you to join us, here.

How to play

  • Every night at midnight, a new question will be loaded. There is only one question each 24 hours.
  • The question is multi-choice and your answer is timed. The faster the answer, the better.
  • If you answer correctly on the first attempt, congratulations you get a gold medal.
  • If you answer correctly on the second attempt, congratulations you get a silver medal.
  • If you answer correctly on the third attempt, congratulations you get a bronze medal. 
  • If you fail after three attempts, come back tomorrow and try again on the next question.
  • Hint: Look closely at the medal every Monday to unlock a little extra something.


  • If you play 1Q on the same device, your streak (including golds, silvers and bronzes, and consecutive days answered correctly) will be recorded.
  • Log in to keep your streak even after clearing your cache or playing on a different device. Not a member? Join up here.

The leaderboard

  • Every day, the 10 fastest logged in players will receive glory on the 1Q leaderboard. Share it quickly, before someone beats your time.

Happy quizzing and see you on the leaderboard.

Keep going!