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PartnersApril 22, 2016

Inside the Lightbox: One season wonders for the long weekend


Want to binge-watch an entire series without signing away the next four months of your life? We’ve assembled a selection of the best shows on Lightbox that you can knock out in one sitting.


Like Guardians of the Galaxy but without the talking tree and Bradley Raccoon Cooper, Firefly takes place 500 years in the future and follows renegade Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his rag-tag crew. Travelling across space, they are in search of food, money, and anything else to live on. Just as the Firefly crew travelled to the outer reaches of our galaxy, the show itself has travelled to the upper reaches of online fan listicles.

It will go down as one of the most shocking cancellations in television history, but sometimes less is more. With just one season airing before its 2003 cancellation, Firefly still managed to wrap up its plotlines and leave fans both hungry for more and yet strangely satisfied.


A thrilling three-part miniseries made by the BBC, Prey follows the fallout of Detective Marcus Farrow after he finds his wife and son murdered. With all evidence pointing to himself as the perpetrator, Marcus is forced to escape his previous life. Moving underground to join the same criminals that he used to police, Farrow goes on the run to seek out evidence to clear his name. Call him a right Steven Avery, because this guy’s been framed. And that’s hardly the end of it…


The Spinoff’s history with Nigella Lawson has not been the most successful one, but that shouldn’t stop you from binge-watching her six part series exploring “the spirit of Italy” in Nigellissima. Ooh, spirits – could be scary, could be delicious.

Little known fact about Nigella: she lived and worked in Florence before starting university, fostering a deeper love for Italian food than she has for handing out chocolates at the Wellington train station. Cook yourself a giant spag bol, and allow the queen herself to guide you through myriad of exquisite home-style recipes. Delizioso!

Life on Mars

It’s a tale as old as time: one minute you’re driving along the road, not a care in the world, and next minute you wind up in 1973. This is exactly what happens to Sam Tyler in Life On Mars. A Manchester policeman, Tyler finds himself hurtled mysteriously from 2008 to 1973 after being in a car accident.

The BBC show combines sci-fi elements with police procedural drama. Over one short season, watch Sam do his damndest to figure out if he’s dead, crazy, or has actually travelled back in time

But don’t take our word for it, take it from an Uber driver by the name of Wilkins1 who, recently chewed The Spinoff’s ear off about this show. “It’s devastating,” he said, “he doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t have his life.” We’ve got chills.

Eye Candy

It’s got vigilante crime-fighting, online dating, extreme catfishing, serial murders, and is set in New York. What more could you want from one season of television? Oh, you want a former Disney Channel star as well? Lucky you, it’s got that too. When 21 year-old Lindy’s roommate convinces her to join an online dating site (21 is the new 40), she suddenly finds herself in communication with a psychopath and/or potential serial killer. What happens next will leave you in tears. But actually, it’s crazy intense and will have you lying (staple binge-watching position) motionless for 10 hours.

The newest show on this list, Eye Candy’s recent cancellation left viewers in shock. Not least of all, this one motherSwipe right on this one, I dare you.


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