PodcastsFebruary 13, 2020

The couple behind Bar Céleste, Auckland’s critically-acclaimed new restaurant


Business is Boring is a weekly podcast series presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. Host Simon Pound speaks with innovators and commentators focused on the future of New Zealand. This week he talks to Emma Ogilvie and Nick Landsman from Bar Céleste.

You’ve probably seen their food on Instagram: people ripping into a whole flounder doused in delicious butter, the late-night filet o’ market fish, the pop-ups and the restaurant full of patrons drinking orange wines and spritzes.

For a new spot, Bar Céleste has been received extremely well. It was named the best new opening of 2019 by Viva, reviewed glowingly by Metro, and is now a fixture and favourite of food influencer EatLitFood.

If you haven’t been yet, you might wonder what’s so different about this ‘neo-bistro’ idea. Inspired by a new style of dining that’s grown in France, it’s where the idea for Bar Céleste began. Brought together by the team behind the La Pêche pop-ups that happened first in Paris and then around Auckland, Emma Ogilvie and Nick Landsman joined Business is Boring this week to talk about what goes into creating a dining experience and how in hospitality – a notoriously fickle industry – opening a restaurant is never as easy as it seems.

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