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PodcastsMay 14, 2015

The Bachelor NZ: The Fantasy Suite Podcast, Episode 10 – Matilda Spills the Rice

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One winner. The same three losers. The final episode of The Fantasy Suite, featuring Jane Yee, Alex Casey, Duncan Greive and a special guest – only the winning Bachelorette MATILDA RICE.

We have reached the end of The Bachelor journey, and celebrate accordingly with no Lindauer, no baking and no real plan. Matilda helps us to dissect the drenched week of Bachelor news, quashing rumours and revealing scoops aplenty. Does she prefer John Campbell or Paul Henry? What’s Mike Puru like? How’s her wrist doing? Is Art’s flat nice?

As the door slowly closes on The Fantasy Suite (until season two), lament not. We will be back for Dancing With the Stars whether you like it or not.

Note: From now on we will publish occasional one-off podcasts covering particular one-off television events – like this look at the 20/20 Bruce Jenner interview – in addition to all our other regular reality TV pods like ‘After the Factor’ and ‘The Fantasy Suite’. These will all be gathered in one stream under the name ‘The Spinoff Podcasts’. These exist under what was formerly ‘The Fantasy Suite’, so if you’re subscribed to that on iTunes you needn’t do a thing. Otherwise:

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