Mutu founder Toby Skilton (Photo: Supplied)

Business is Boring: The NZ platform where you can rent just about anything

Mutu founder Toby Skilton joins Business is Boring to talk about his vision for a service where people could rent out and borrow things from each other – and how he made it a reality.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app where you could either make money by lending out the stuff you own and hardly use, or save money by borrowing things from people near you instead of buying them?

That’s the thought today’s guest had a few years ago, and he decided to turn it into a business. Mutu began in Christchurch, and has grown to now help users counter waste and create new income and connections nationwide.

The company’s founder and CEO Toby Skilton joined us by Zoom from Christchurch to talk about the journey so far, and where he wants to take the business next.

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