Our MPs’ pecuniary interests in 10 numbers

Hold on to your seats, it’s time. The annual Register of Pecuniary and Other Specified Interests of Members of Parliament is out. We break it down in 10 easy numbers.


The number of National MPs that got free tickets to the Foo Fighters – Simon Bridges, Hamish Walker, Erica Stanford, Tim Macindoe and Chris Bishop.


Box of Cohiba Behike cigars given by the ambassador of Cuba to Winston Peters, part of the most on-brand gift summary of all time:

The number of ‘family homes’ owned by Labour MP Willie Jackson.


The number of MPs who had their legal fees discharged. Andrew Little had his costs in defamation proceedings awarded, and Meka Whaitiri had her fees discharged by the Labour caucus fund.


The number of companies that gave Judith tickets to the tennis.


The number of MPs called David given tickets to P!nk by the Dunedin council.


Pair of cufflinks given to David Clark by the UAE’s Minister of Happiness.


Framed portraits of the royal family given to Jacinda Ardern.

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Items of hi-vis clothing given to Tamati Coffey by Hi Vis Trends Limited.


The number of free tickets Carmel Sepuloni got to Christmas in the Park.


The number of life-preservers Alfred Ngaro was sponsored to hand out at schools.


The number of times the words trust or trustee are mentioned in the register.

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