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PoliticsFebruary 13, 2018

Emergency podcast: Bill English is gone by morning tea time


???????????? Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire on the English legacy and the contenders to succeed him as National Party leader in this collectible special edition.

In the historic third Gone By Lunchtime Emergency Podcast (the last two, following the departures of John Key and Andrew Little both also featured clever gone-by-x-based headline jokes), Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire take stock of the latest resignation and the race to succeed Bill English as leader of the National Party.

Management wish to advise that Annabelle Lee and Waimihia Rose were, regrettably, unable to take part in this Emergency Podcast,  because they were “picking up Canadian cousins from the airport” or some bullshit.

To listen either download (right click to save) or stream the podcast using the player below, subscribe via iTunes and Spotify or here on Stitcher (RSS feed).

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