That Labour-NZ First coalition deal, in 150 words

Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters yesterday signed an agreement establishing a governing coalition. In the service of democracy and brevity, we’ve chiseled it, roughly, to its core.

Read the agreement proper here. Read the digested Labour-Green deal here.

Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern. Photo: Labour Party

It’s a coalition but not a bloody merger, get that through your thick head. We’ll still disagree.

A billion for regional development. Rail! Move Auckland’s port to Northland. Maybe.

A million trees. Make it a billion. Love farmers.

Increase $ for minimum wage, family violence networks, DOC. And gifted students.

Reviews: of the Reserve Bank Act, electoral process, and power pricing. An overseas buyer register. A bolstered Overseas Investment Act. Shift the account to Kiwibank.

Commissions: for mental health, for housing, for criminal case reviews and for climate.

Re-enter: Pike River, racing, tyres and Russia. Embarrass Murray McCully over that Israel business.

Make stern but non-specific noises about immigration. Introduce a souped-up super-duper Super Gold Card.

Stop list MPs from quitting their decent hardworking parties, and actually call it the “Waka Jumping” bill.

Ministers, plenty, but save your bloody baubles. Respect the Greens but for God’s sake don’t name them.

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