Politics podcast: did Bridges’ spadework turn a little leak into a big hole?

Team Gone By Lunchtime gathers to discuss the important political issues of the day, from Clare Curran getting the boot to Party of Five.

A relatively forgettable leak has transmogrified into a long-running story around the leak of the National leader’s expense details. Annabelle Lee of The Hui and Ben Thomas of Exceltium chew over the saga, and the role of Bridges and Speaker Trevor Mallard. They then segue effortlessly to the sacking (sort of) of Clare Curran over a secret meeting with Derek Handley, to the effort by prime minister Jacinda Ardern to get business leaders back on side in a big speech this week, and the impact of last week’s much heralded Criminal Justice Summit. There’s also extensive discussion about the clues to be uncovered in 90s television programme Party of Five and a helpful braincyclone in the cause of choosing a name for that baby there in the picture.

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