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Pop CultureNovember 1, 2017

‘Props to the Spinoff’: Max Key watches our Max Key vs Eminem track

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Dynastic hero and top vlogger Max Key has just released an emotional reaction video in response to the Spinoff’s universally lauded parody, and we love it.

Our story begins in 2014. The National Party, led by John Key, ran an ad with an Eminem-esque theme. Owners of the Eminem original, Eight Mile Style, sued the National Party. The National Party lost. Top vlogger and DJ Max Key threatened to release a diss track if he got 10,000 likes on one of his several hundred social media platforms. The Spinoff commissioned Paul Williams to write a parody version of Max Key performing a diss track.

And now, the actual real flesh-and-blood Max Key has live-reacted to the parody diss track. And it’s …………….. pretty great.

He lets rip at the Spinoff, “who are a New Zealand media publication, satirical at best”. The Spinoff, which celebrated its third birthday recently, “over the last eight years, have taken it upon themselves to ridicule me a lot … Half of it’s actually pretty funny, I will give them credit. Some of the stuff, I think they have taken too far.”

We love it. Here it is.

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