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Pop CultureMarch 2, 2017

Watch the first episode of our new online series Repressed Memories… SENSING MURDER EDITION


James Mustapic introduces our new web series Repressed Memories, and explains why he decided to revisit Sensing Murder for the first harrowing episode.

NZ TV shows were such an iconic part of my life when I was younger. I was obsessed: with after school kids TV shows, drama TV shows, and even TV shows about uncovering the killers behind unsolved New Zealand murder cases. So I’ve decided to revisit some of these classic shows, and see if they lived up to my so very fond memories of them.

I always found Sensing Murder to be frightening and fascinating when I was younger. Watching the old episodes all these years later, I mostly still feel the same way. I’m so very fascinated and frightened by how popular this show is.

Sue Nicholson from Sensing Murder has over one hundred and fifty thousand Facebook fans. Sam Wallace from Breakfast only has about 5,000. When did a Sensing Murder psychic become one of New Zealand’s biggest celebs? This fact haunts me every single day – partly because I am slightly jealous of her, and partly because this show is an absolute scam.

In my video, I mention countless examples of how this show is dodgy as hell. One of the shady things that I didn’t have time to mention in my video was how the psychics would ‘sense’ the name of the spirit. Before they’d guess it, they’d have general chat with the spirit for a while, about various things like how ‘they liked fishing’ or ‘they said they didn’t like shaving’.

If the psychic had just been talking to the ghost about their love of fish catching, why do they dedicate a whole segment of the show to guessing their name after? Why can the psychic not just ask for their name?

Deb Webber would play this part up, and say “she’s telling me to guess” which seems rather suspicious. It’s the first time in 20 years that the ghost has been able to communicate with the living world, why are they going ‘ooh guess my name haha XD’? Sensing Murder? More like THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE-ING MURDER.

Sensing Murder returns to TVNZ 2 Thursdays at 8.30pm. Click here for the rest of our Murder Week coverage.

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