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Sensing Murder is back on TV and somehow even worse than before

New Zealand’s most fucked up show is back on the air after a merciful hiatus. Duncan Greive says that Sensing Murder is a crime against television – and now, due to a big format change, even worse than it was the first time around.

Watch the first episode of our new online series Repressed Memories… SENSING MURDER EDITION

James Mustapic introduces his new online series Repressed Memories, and explains why he decided to revisit Sensing Murder for the first harrowing episode.

I went to a Sensing Murder psychic and all I got was a dead budgie flying above my head

Murder Week continues: Alex Casey spends an evening with Sensing Murder’s Sue Nicholson during her “Answers From the Other Side” tour, and doesn’t get a lot of answers.

Chilling: Emily Writes has been haunted by Kiefer Sutherland for more than a decade

To continue the thrills and spills of Murder Week, Emily Writes recalls a Sensing Murder-style haunting of her own... by 24 star Kiefer Sutherland.

Bullshit and Bodybags: Sensing Murder is back from the dead

To mark the return of Sensing Murder – and to kick off Murder Week, our ill-advised week-long celebration of the show – long-time skeptic Paul Casserly tries his best to become a convert.