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They’re not all in the same thing, but imagine if they were!
They’re not all in the same thing, but imagine if they were!

Pop CultureSeptember 5, 2018

New to Lightbox: Tea with the Ocean’s 8 Dames at Castle Rock

They’re not all in the same thing, but imagine if they were!
They’re not all in the same thing, but imagine if they were!

This month on Lightbox you can raid the Met Ball with Sandra Bullock, visit Castle Rock with Melanie Lynskey or share some delicious hot tea with four dames.

Ocean’s 8 (drops Sep 5)

If there was a film that better summed up the feeling of lounging back with a bottle of prosecco, a large bucket of popcorn and some Maltesers, please direct me to it. Until then, we’ve got Ocean’s 8. It takes the verve, charm and excitement of the original Ocean’s films (which more than hold up, by the way, check ’em out) and marries them with one of the most stacked casts this side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come for Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett giving you full big dick energy, stay for Anne Hathaway’s full-noise, full-drama performance as thinly-veiled parody of what the media thinks of her. / Sam Brooks

Tea with the Dames (drops Sep 5)

If you’re not already rushing to Lightbox Movies and renting this, knowing full well that you can do so today, then I don’t know what to do with you. It’s Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Joan Plowright, Dame Eileen Atkins and Dame Judi Dench talking about their careers, their lives and sharing the many, many pearls of wisdom they’ve gathered over their combined three hundred and thirty eight years. Come for the shade, stay for the fact that these women have seen, heard and acted more things in their lives than we ever will, and enjoy spending a good ninety minutes with them. / SB

Disobedience (hits Sep 12)

There are so many reasons to watch this movie. It features two of the worlds best actresses who are named Rachel (Weisz and McAdams). It features the steamiest sex scene of the year. It features a wig so compelling that Sam Brooks just frantically typed “are the Disobedience wigs on purpose?” into Google. This movie is the real deal, an extremely tense story of forbidden romance within a strict religious community. It’s made by the director of A Fantastic Woman and based on the novel by the woman who wrote Power. What more do you need, ya greedy so and so?? / Alex Casey

Castle Rock (Binge from Sep 13)

We are in a ripe climate for Stephen King adaptations. It was a twisted, surreal masterpiece, Gerard’s Game was not something I should have watched alone in bed on pain meds and Castle Rock is on track to be the piece de resistance in the current Kingdom of King. Brought to the small screen by JJ Abrams, and based on various Stephen King stories, watch a world of horrors unfold in the small town of Castle Rock, Maine. Starring Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise), Sissy Spacek (Carrie) and Melanie Lynskey (local hero), get yer eyeballs on this anthology if you DARE. / AC

The Good Doctor (Season Two Weekly from Sep 25)

Look at his little good doctor face! Look at it! The Good Doctor wasn’t something that I expected to like – I expected it to be another medical drama featuring a doctor with a problem that you might expect would disqualify him from being a doctor, but shock-horror: it actually makes him better at it. The Good Doctor is absolutely this show, but it’s a surprisingly robust, heartfelt and well-acted version of it. Freddie Highmore has an earnestness and a lightness that makes him a joy to spend an hour with every week, and goddamn, that sweet good doctor face. I’m hooked, y’all. / SB

Hereditary (hits Sep 26)

I consider myself quite a staunch horror viewer. I remember sitting through The Strangers (even during that bit where the creepy sack-head man is lurking behind Liv Tyler) with my arms folded across my chest, because putting your hands over your eyes is a sign of weakness in the wild and makes you vulnerable to predators. All of that went out of the window when I saw Hereditary.

Sitting in that cursed theatre, tears rolling down my cheeks, I pulled my beanie down and my jumper up to create a double layer of protection against the pure, unrelenting horror. Don’t read anything else about it, don’t watch the trailer even though I embedded it just turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy (read: endure) easily the most terrifying movie of 2018. / AC

Tully (hits Sep 27)

Over the past fifteen years, Charlize Theron has proven herself to be one of our most essential performers. From finding the humanity and hope in Aileen Wuornos’ darkness in Monster to her photorealistic police sketch of a writer’s narcissism in Young Adult to unadultered, violent drive in Mad Max: Fury Road, she’s been quietly turning out sharp, specific performances. Tully is no exception. In her second collaboration with Young Adult scribe Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman, Theron plays a woman who finds herself saddled with basically sole care of a newborn child, and I’ve honestly never seen tiredness portrayed better onscreen – she shows what it’s like to be truly, utterly beaten down by a day, knowing that you’ll have to do it all again tomorrow. / SB

Tin Star (hits Sep 27)

I’m all about a grisly small town murder mystery. Give me a troubled, alcoholic cop, a drone shot of a rusty suspension bridge and a divided low income community absolutely any day of the week. When Tin Star arrives at the end of this month, it will for sure be next on my kill list. Starring Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks, the suspicious-looking suicide of a local leads to a freshly-emigrated detective (Roth) going head to head with with a massive nearby oil refinery up to no good. Set in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, if you don’t like the crimes then you’ll bloody love the scenery. / AC

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