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The 10 greatest celebrity cameos to ever grace The Mindy Project


With the sixth and final season arriving exclusively to Lightbox today, we bask in the top celebrity cameos to ever feature on The Mindy Project.

For a woman who wears her shambolic heart on her bound-to-be-extremely-colourful sleeve, there’s really not a lot of intel out there about what we can expect from the sixth season of The Mindy Project. There could be a divorce on the way, there could be another baby on the way, there could be the return of warrior queen Beyonce Pad Thai. Only one thing is for sure – star and creator Mindy Kaling has certainly cranked open her celebrity address book one last time.

Two normal mates hanging out.

With fellow New Zealand fan Reese Witherspoon joining the cast for the final season, now seems like a better time than ever to look back at some of the great celebrity cameos that have graced The Mindy Project hall of fame. Here are some of the weirdest and most wonderful. 

Shonda Rimes

It’s only fitting to invite the queen of prime time telly onto your show, and then make her play an absolute beer pong fiend for some reason.


In season one’s ‘My Cool Christian Boyfriend’, Mindy heads along to Sunday Mass wearing an enormous hat, enrages the crowd, and then gets 1000 paparazzi shots of Moby himself on the decks. Who DJs in a church? Moby, that’s who. 

Laverne Cox

The Orange is the New Black star plays Mindy Lahiri’s pregnancy stylist, because of course that’s a thing that exists. As the much-hyped Cousin Sheena to Tamra, Cox arrives just in time to transform Mindy from being literal larvae (sleeping bag) into a beautiful pregnant butterfly (tracksuit).

James Franco

There’s a new Dr. L in town, and this time it’s the guy who drank his own piss in 127 Hours! James Franco’s absurdly-named Doctor Paul Leotard enters the picture as Mindy’s holiday replacement. When she returns early, the pair butt heads and even wrestle in a hallway. Franco’s performance has been critically revered as “the worst thing to happen to The Mindy Project.”

Kris Jenner

The woman whose womb is “a national treasure” – and whose autograph is Mindy’s most prized possession – stops by the opening of Mindy’s own fertility clinic in season five. Who better to give advice on life, love and everything in between than the legend who once said this whilst covered in some kind of luxury cream?

Seth Rogen

In an incredibly cute season one episode, the Superbad star returns from Mindy’s past to see if the flames from childhood summer camp can be reignited in human adult life. Things don’t work out, but a gal can dream. 

Chrissy Teigen

Always a good sign when the world’s greatest person stops by your show for one scene, even if she accidentally gropes you in the process.

Jordan Peele

As Mindy chases her own dreams of being not only a doctor but a celebrity doctor, the comedian and director stars as a TV reporter who watches all the chaos unfold from the sidelines. With only a few lines, he’s still easily the continental breakfast of cameo stars.

Laura Dern

Long before her Wild daughter Reese Witherspoon joined the latest season of The Mindy Project, Laura Dern played Mindy’s weird Ukrainian doctor. “You are high risk,” she tells Mindy. “Because of, how you say, fat? And much age.” Hardly Jurassic, mate.


Nothing screams rom-com cheese dream like getting to eat delicious Chinese food with Ne-Yo. Truly one in a million. 

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