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Laneway Auckland’s main Albert Park stage. (photo supplied)
Laneway Auckland’s main Albert Park stage. (photo supplied)

Pop CultureJanuary 26, 2019

Everything you need to know before heading to Laneway this weekend

Laneway Auckland’s main Albert Park stage. (photo supplied)
Laneway Auckland’s main Albert Park stage. (photo supplied)

It’s Auckland Anniversary Weekend, and you know that what means? St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, aka Laneway! Sam Brooks shares his guide to how to do your 2019 Laneway Festival right.

So what the heck is Laneway?

Laneway is a music festival that does the rounds across all of Australasia. It’s like the cooler, more alternative version of the Big Day Out (RIP). In past years, it’s welcomed the likes of Florence + the Machine, Echo and the Bunnymen, Future Islands, fka Twigs, Tame Impala. Basically, if you’re cool then you’re playing at Laneway.

And if you’re cooler, you’re attending Laneway. As of Friday afternoon when I’m writing this, it’s not sold out either, so you can head over and buy tickets here.

Where is it?

While Laneway has been in a variety of spaces throughout its near decade in Auckland, including Britomart Square, Aotea Square and Silo Park, this year, for the third year running, it is being held in Albert Park. Basically, this means there’s going to be a lot of shade and places to sit down, which are the two most important things at a musical festival according to me and nobody else.

There’s a handy map of the festival right here:

How do I get there?

Public transport! Also, because it’s a public holiday, some trains will be replaced by rail buses. In my experience with rail buses, these will be full as hell, so maybe stick to the normal bus.

If you happen to be like me and enjoy pretending ride-share apps are your own personal drivers, then I’d recommend stopping off at either Auckland Art Gallery or Auckland Uni and walking from there. It’s gonna be carnage around Albert Park.

Who is playing, and when?

There are four stages (Princes Street Stage, Rotunda Stage, Dr. Marten’s Stage and Thunderdome Stage) and everything is helpfully scheduled and staggered throughout the day. You know, like any music festival!

The schedule is right here:

Where the food at?

There’s going to be twenty (20!) food and drink vendors, complete with vegan and gluten free options. These include Lord of the Fries, Nice Blocks, Ramen Takara, Allpress Coffee, Otherside Food Truck, Peaches Fried Chicken, Mizzoni Pizza and Ha Poke!

Okay, but where the drinks at?

Okay you lush!

There are four bars, including a wine bar and a craft beer bar, if you like to be fancy. The entire festival area is licensed, so you can drink pretty much anywhere, even while watching bands. However, all these bars are closing at 9:30pm, so pace yourself according.

Also, there’s free water available onsite, which you should make liberal use of. The Spinoff cares deeply about its readers’ hydration and intoxication levels.

Do I need to carry cash?

No! All bars are equipped with Paywave and Eftpos, If you happen to be living in the past, you can pay cash too.

Can I just come for the final acts?

Nope sorry. If for some reason you want to come in after 8:30pm and miss 95% of the festival, that’s not allowed. Also, if you’re one of these people, question your life choices.

What else is going on at Laneway?

If what you want to do on a muggy summer’s day when you’re at a music festival is play some Nintendo Switch, then the festival has you covered for that oddly specific desire!

There’s going to be a Nintendo Switch stall for you to challenge your friends, or some strangers, to a race in Mario Kart, or have a smash at Mario Tennis or, if you’re into an sweaty outdoor party, play some Super Mario Party.

Is there an afterparty?

What an oddly specific question, and one with an affirmative answer!

Yes, there is. It’s at St. Kevin’s Arcade, which is about 15 minutes up the unconquerable hill that is Queen Street. It cots $10 to get in with your Laneway wristband, and there’ll be a bunch of acts playing who have yet to be announced.

I don’t have a ticket but this all sounds very cool and I would like to go to Laneway?

Use the very device you’re reading this on to go and buy a ticket right here!

Keep going!