One Question Quiz

Pop CultureSeptember 28, 2018

Your friendly reminder to watch The Spinoff TV at 10.45pm on Three


Because Jacinda-mania has gone global and we are going rogue. 

Look, it’s been a mad week. There are needles in the strawberries, ball bearings in the ice cream, and it seems like our prime minister is never coming home. Why not unwind by watching Mike Hosking’s favourite TV show on a Friday night?! Here are 10 more reasons to watch:

1) “Cockwomble”

2) An emotional ode to Hilary Barry

3) Baby Neve visits the set

4) We sit down with MAFS superstar Tracey Jewel

5) James Mustapic unwraps Christmas in the Park

6) Frickin’ Dangerous Bro take their shoes off

7) Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo

8) David Seymour’s twerking ain’t dead

9) A novelty turkey hat for the ages

10) Harper 2, fuckity boo

WATCH THE DAMN SHOW: 10.45pm tonight on Three

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