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RecapsOctober 20, 2014

Shorty Street Scandal: Chris Gets the Boot


Please enjoy this week’s episode of Shorty Street Scandal, wherein James Mustapic recaps the past week of Ferndale hijinks. This week? It’s all tensions and flying soccer boots at Warner HQ:

Harry has finally got some direction in his life. No longer just a snotty brat – he’s going to be an All White. After confessing this to Chris, his father couldn’t even make it to his soccer game. For this, he received a pair of boots to the face. Looks like Harry still hasn’t quite graduated from the school of snotty brats. The Harry snot continued to run as he lamented the existence of his baby sister, whilst pitying her for having exactly the same Dad as him. But then he saw her face, now he’s a believer. Truly the Warner likeness is uncanny:

shorty 19

In other Street drama: Bella and Dallas had a fight about guns. During this spat, Dallas finally realised that Bella might be what scientists have classified as a modern day “thicko.” Everyone’s favourite Brit Jemima attempted some breakfast humour, missing the obvious joke entirely and going for a very sub-par option:

Ideal joke
Jemima: “Well, I can’t do brains but I can do…GRAAAAAAAAIIIIIINNSS”
[holds up tupperware container of breakfast grains to wild applause]

Scripted joke
Jemima: “Well I can’t do brains but I can do…bran”
[holds up tupperware container of bran to an arena of crickets]

Wendy had a major whinge this week about wiping bums and washing hands. Two things that should always follow each other – that’s what you learn in the first year of med school.

Finally, let the nation sigh a huge collective sigh of relief – our homegirl Leanne is returning to Ferndale next week. “Oola” will be so pleased.

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