The #OTRpod team hit the streets

On the Rag: Holy shit it’s only January

Every month host Alex Casey is joined by comedian/writer Michele A’Court and Mana magazine editor Leonie Hayden to discuss what happened in the world of women over the preceding four weeks. Fresh from the Auckland Women’s March, they return this year with help from their legendary sponsors at BON tampons.

With a much-needed glass of bubbles, and in the safe bunker of The Spinoff podcast studio, the On the Rag team huddle together in horror to talk about the first month of 2017. Topics for this month include top kiwi blokes Jimi Jackson and The Mad Butcher, what to do after protesting in the Women’s Marches, and the importance of intersectionality in feminism. And, of course, President T****.

The #OTRpod team hit the streets

The #OTRpod team hit the streets

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