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SocietyDecember 31, 2020

Ten ways to leave 2020 where it belongs


We did it, folks. This hell year is finally over. Emily Writes has some suggestions for celebrating 2020’s departure the way it deserves.

It has been a year of highs and lows, but mostly lows. A lot of lows. Fire, pandemic, enforced family team – it’s been dramatic. So this New Year I am exorcising 2020 and putting it right in the bin. Here are 10 extremely cathartic ways to bid farewell.

Get in the sea

In my opinion, flinging your body into the sea always makes you feel a bit better no matter what the problem is. Literally wash 2020 out of your hair at your nearest beach or bay. Get pummelled by waves knowing it’s the final time 2020 is going to smash you.

Dig a big hole and burn an effigy of the 2020 villain of your choice 

All the terrible takes of the year! There were so many! Burn it all to the ground. Scream into the flames (until 9pm because you want to show courtesy to the parents trying to get their kids to bed so they can have a gin).

Exorcise your rage. Feel your anger. Anger is a healthy way of telling us we must act against injustice and unfairness. Let the fire fuel you. You are the fire now. Aghhhhhhhh!


It’s an absolutely sound decision to just go to bed early and sleep through till it’s over. Sleep the sleep of someone who knows they’ll still have problems in the morning and you’ll probably never ever feel like you’ve caught up on sleep for the rest of your life but hey…actually I don’t know where I’m going with this I’m very tired.

Don’t get drunk and out of control on New Years Eve

I have a bottle of gin with my name on it in the fridge but trust me – getting nailed won’t help us. We want and need to wake clear eyed in this new year so we can recognise that we’ve still got it. Wow, that was insufferable. I apologise. Check your drugs if you’re young and you have time and energy for drugs.

27 hours of Heartbreak High on Netflix 

What? I didn’t say they’d be good suggestions. But why wouldn’t you just climb in bed with Drazic in the New Year and dive into the complex problems of a bunch of imaginary rollerblading teens from Shark Bay.

Dance like nobody is watching

We all know the amazing power of dancing. Dance until you sweat. Dance in the open air unless you’re in Wellington where it’s probably raining. Hug if you’re in a place where that’s allowed. Feel how lucky we are to be able to do it. But even if you’re on your own, dancing is a way to shake every last piece of this year away. Cleanse yourself of the pain of the year, of all of the frustrations and hurt and things that just weren’t fair. 2021 might not be that different – but you’re different. Feel that. Add a sprinkler for added I feel like a kid again and have no responsibilities vibes.

Small satanic ritual

Look, maybe you need to dance in the moonlight under a full moon naked. I don’t know. We need to do what we can to ensure 2021 isn’t the enormous garbage fire 2020 was. It probably won’t do shit. But your neighbour who doesn’t get out much will love it. I don’t know much about ritualistic sacrifices but chances are you can wing it if you’ve got good intentions. Satanists love good intentions.

Pat a dog

Always works. Just pat a dog and you’ll feel better.

Channel a five-year-old

As I write this I’m walking around watching my child whose only aim today is to find phone boxes and get photos inside the phone boxes. He puts no pressure on himself to have fun, he just has fun doing weird things, led entirely by his heart. So just do whatever you want to do that you know will fill your heart with joy. Read a great book. Do a puzzle. Take Buzzfeed quizzes all night – if finding out what bread you are makes you feel lighter then do it without guilt. Seek joy!

Say some affirmations even if you feel like a hash tag blessed influencer

I promise I’m not going Pete Evans on you. But as someone who writes for a living I find it cathartic to label my feelings and recognise and acknowledge them. You might too. I’m not saying go all Instagram on it with new year, new you! No way. New Year, New Year. You are here, still standing – maybe a little heartbroken, more fragile (or maybe stronger) than before. You did that. You served your community and got through. Honour that. Be with the whānau you have and feel that. I’m not going to say be grateful; I know you are. I’m going to say that this year was terribly hard for many. The collective pain was strong – and we can choose in 2021 to rise to that and be there for those who need it.

Happy New Year friends and enemies. May 2021 be better. (Also sign up to support a creator as added good vibes – it will definitely work).

Keep going!