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Everything you need, every day.
Everything you need, every day.

The BulletinMay 1, 2018

Why you and everyone you know should sign up for The Bulletin

Everything you need, every day.
Everything you need, every day.

The Spinoff recently launched a free daily digest of the most important news from around New Zealand called The Bulletin, and it’s proving to be a big hit. Here’s why you should sign up.

Nobody has an abundance of time any more. The idea of sitting down for a leisurely read of the paper every morning is a fantasy for most. And when you try and speed things up by going to the major news websites, it’s often hard to find the most important stories straight away. So much gets missed, and you end up feeling less informed, not more.

We created The Bulletin to help solve those problems. Every day, you get a concise and curated roundup of important news in your inbox, prioritising what matters over what is making the most noise (read today’s edition here to get a sense of what it’s like). Whether it’s politics and policy, business news or social issues, we dig through the many outlets around the country and pick out the best bits.

So far there has been huge acclaim for The Bulletin. People have been getting in touch constantly to say it keeps them informed, alerts them to stories they wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and gives them context for the national conversations going on around big issues.

It’s also a project that is unashamed about being pro-journalism. There are many hard working and talented reporters in every newsroom around the country, breaking major stories and holding the powerful to account. They don’t often get any credit for it. We at The Bulletin want to change that, by driving readers and their clicks towards work that deserves it.

Thousands of people have signed up to get The Bulletin in their inbox so far, but we want thousands more to sign up as well. We know that it can be a truly positive force in media in New Zealand. It’s easy to fall into despair about the state of the news in our country. But we’ve now got two months worth of evidence proving that high quality journalism is happening every day.

Here’s how you sign up for The Bulletin. Fill out the form below, with your email address and name. And that’s it. We’ll never pass your email address on to anyone else, and we’ll never charge you a cent to be emailed The Bulletin.

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And just to really hammer home the point, here’s a few pieces of the feedback we’ve been getting about The Bulletin:

“The bulletin is my new favourite thing in the morning, I’ll read it on my commute on the train or bus and I feel totally up to date and informed. It always comes in nice and early too when I start my day.” – Jacinta

“I’m enjoying the bulletin. It’s becoming a must-read every day and means I’m getting a more comprehensive snapshot.” – Paulien

“As one of the many Kiwis based in Australia it’s great to have a neat little summary of news from the motherland in my inbox every morning – I’m finding it very useful and informative!” – Fern

Tell your family, tell your colleagues, tell your friends, tell your enemies. Tell them to sign up for The Bulletin. It will be the best news you’ll get every day.

Keep going!