The Bulletin: Refugee quota rise in doubt

PM put on the back foot over refugee quota, police reject pay offer, and some juicy local government drama unfolds in Cromwell.

The Bulletin: Harness racing rocked by raids

Harness racing rocked by police raids, reporter detained in Nauru, and former Māori Party co-leader deep in debt. 

The Bulletin: Five Eyes glare at encryption

Spy agencies want ways around encrypted devices, rift opens in government over refugee quota, and Bridges rules out supporting compulsory te reo.

The Bulletin: AirBnb rates hike ire sums up Auckland housing

AirBnb rates hike ire sums up Auckland housing, health minister accused of cronyism, and calls to change Hamilton's name.

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No, it’s not a scam: Why Vector is sending you a cheque in the mail

The letter you got saying a cheque was about to turn up wasn't from a Nigerian prince.

The Bulletin: Govt finishes week another minister down

Government loses another minister within a week, plans to override the Auckland Unitary Plan, and methane in focus for new climate change report.

The Bulletin: Burger King hit with whopper hiring ban

Regulator flame grills fast food company over minimum wage breaches, swampy rental property exposed, and dodgy door to door sales tactics revealed.

The Bulletin: Soft steps for big business push

Government makes moves on business confidence, National wants US military whistleblower kept out of NZ, and schools strugging with stand-down rates.

The Bulletin: Government signals intent on renting

Government signals intent on renting and tenancy laws, gang tensions in Whanganui, and the humanities are under pressure at two universities.  

The Bulletin: Animal rights hit the agenda

Animal rights concerns hit the agenda, tenancy law changes set to be announced, and PM Ardern gives her first minister the boot.

The Bulletin: How will Lucky Country chaos affect NZ?

Something major is going down in Australia today, two stories of troubling inaction on sexual assault, and m. bovis fears at massive feedlot.

The Bulletin: Summing up the Justice Summit

Two day justice summit wraps up, Winston Peters gets up to mischief in Australia, and voting in the Howick by-election gets underway.

The Bulletin: How deep is the ditch?

NZ MPs have ringside seats to Australian chaos, Catholic Bishop of Dunedin apologises to city, and red zone 'quake outcasts' to be paid out. 

The Bulletin: The politics of more police

Distribution of extra police officers announced, MPs put on a pay freeze, and the price of milk is in the spotlight at Stuff.

Three women on working in the man’s world of energy distribution

Teina Teariki Mana, ponders the state of gender balance in the workplace, in an industry that still lags behind.

The Bulletin: Will Green wins be noticed?

Greens have their weekend in the spotlight, sharp rise in international visitor spending, and drums beating for Fonterra breakup.