The floor is lava in... Netflix's The Floor is Lava. Sometimes it's just that simple. (Photo: Netflix)

A seven year old reviews Netflix game show The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a new Netflix series based on, you guessed it, the children’s game known as The Floor is Lava. Who better to review it than a seven-year-old home champion?

The Floor is Lava is cool. But at first you don’t think it’s cool because they actually die in the real lava. But it’s not real lava so they don’t really die. But it looks like real lava. But I don’t know why they go under and don’t come back because it’s hot red water.

It doesn’t have fire under it. Because if it did they’d actually die. Nobody dies. Unless you did the course very, very wrong. Then you might die.

Each episode is different. One has an alien in a sarcophagus. A sarcophagus is for a mummy not an alien so that’s not correct. My mama always laughs and is happy when they get hit when they jump up or when they fall off. It doesn’t look very funny to me.

It would hurt. They always hurt their chins because they don’t hold their chins up. You have to do it like this:

*Eddie jumps from couch to couch while his mother Emily explains nobody can see that and you have to use your words*.

There are three people on a team but I would only need one. Me because I’m so good at it. Look at this:

*Again, Emily explains to him that nobody can see what he’s doing.*

The spinning bed is the best in the second episode. And when you fall in the lava you’re out. But if you get through the fastest without falling in you win a million dollars (Emily’s note: $10,000) and a lamp with real lava in it (Emily’s note: a cheap lava lamp). Sometimes you press things and things fall down that make it easier to get to the stairs. BUT THE STAIRS DISAPPEAR in the lava. They go away so fast even while you’re talking.

The floor…it is lava. (Photo: Netflix)

Sometimes it’s very slippery and sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for your team. Everyone should wear chin guards. Sometimes they almost say toilet talk they say “oooooh sheeeee” but they don’t say the actual toilet talk word. Or they say “ffff” or they say “What the!” but they will say “heck”, almost like they would say the worst word but they don’t.

I would say this is a very good show especially if you are allowed to play The Floor is Lava afterwards at home so you can show how you do it better.

This is my review of The Floor is Lava.

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