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UncategorizedJanuary 30, 2015

The Week in TV News: Sexism Bombs and Crazy Sex Boxes

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ericyoungyoutube257_1748m6t-1748m70Mediaworks buys Prime News
This morning the Herald confirmed that the 15 staff who works on Prime News at 5.30 have been made redundant. Previously owned by Sky TV, the production will now be taken over by Mediaworks, There is unlikely to be any rehiring by Mediaworks of the Prime staff. The final day for Prime News at 5.30 under Sky TV will be February 28.

No Female Doctors Allowed
In a bloody shambles of a statement Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor on Doctor Who, said that the time lord should never be played by a woman. Before stopping in our neck of the woods for the bizarre-looking Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, he dropped by Australia to offer some casual sexism. He thinks the key to Doctor Who is the strong female supporter of The Doctor, and not the other way round. “It seems to me if you reverse that, if you have an uncertain, fallible female Doctor with a really strong male companion, you’ve got more of a stereotype than anything else.” Nobody said she has to be fallible, mate.

Sex Box: Coming Soon
This mostly made it in so I could make that gross pun, but there is a whole new kind of counselling TV show starting in the States this year. Simply entitled Sex Box, participants enter a large neon-lit box and have sex away from prying eyes. Afterwards, they sit in silky robes and talk to counsellors about how they are feeling. It looks intimate as hell, and sounds a lot like a joke TV show made up for 30 Rock or something:

Wet Hot American Cast Announcements
As if having Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper wasn’t enough – this week it has been announced that even more stars are joining the Netflix reboot of Wet Hot American Summer. Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm have now signed up too, making this officially the most star-studded reboot of a television show in the world, ever*

Rhys-DarbyRhys Darby Lost Comedy
Our resident funny voice man Rhys Darby has sadly ended his partnership with 2 Degrees, which means no more high-pitched warnings to turn your phone off at the start of movies. It’s not all bad news though, he has announced this week that his new American TV show will be a comedic version of Lost. The TBS channel one-camera show will be set after a plane crash, following the survivors as they are forced to spend time with each other. I hope they bring back the polar bear and the smoke monster. But with funny voices.

*no research has been done on this whatsoever

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