Carrie Buckmaster

Carrie Buckmaster helps deliver technology-enabled public services and evidence-based strategy. She holds a Master's of Public Management from Victoria University of Wellington

Oct 14, 2019

From police to politics, sexual abuse in public institutions is still shrouded in secrecy

Sexual harassment and assault are an issue in all walks of life, but addressing the problem is particularly difficult when the perpetrator holds public office. Today campaigner Carrie Buckmaster launches a parliamentary petition calling for more transparency on the issue.

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Jun 17, 2019

The missing Māori inside the agency that investigates police misconduct

As of 2018, the Independent Police Conduct Authority had zero Māori employees. For a police system that loudly embraces diversity, that's not good enough, writes Carrie Buckmaster.

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Nov 12, 2018

Public service employers need to do more to stop sexual harm by staff. Here's how.

When doctors, teachers, police and care workers take advantage of society’s most vulnerable, the results can be devastating. But how are public employers responding to reports of sexual assault and harassment?

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