Dave Hansford

Dave Hansford is a science and environment writer, and author of Protecting Paradise: 1080 and the Fight to Save New Zealand’s Wildlife.

Aug 21, 2019

How many kea deaths by 1080 is too many?

The anti-1080 lobby has made a martyr out of kea, but that ignores another salient fact.

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Dec 6, 2017

'Blood will fall': the bush Rambos at war with 1080

The threats reveal a crack opening up between urban perception and rural values. We need to act before somebody gets hurt, writes Dave Hansford

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Climate Change Week
Aug 18, 2017

Climate change is happening – but don’t bother trying to convince a denier

Global warming is a fact, it’s caused by humans, and it’s going to change our world. Oh, and one more truth: you may never be able to convince your libertarian, climate change-denying uncle otherwise. Dave Hansford explores the psychology of denial.

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