Laura Morley

Laura Morley is the author of Potty Talk, teacher and parenting coach at Looloo -Toilet Training Solutions; based in Auckland. When she is not hanging out with her three kids and her horse Oscar, you will find her talking wees and poos with parents and educators throughout NZ and Australia.

Jun 21, 2018

Is it normal?: My toddler won't poo!

Is it Normal is the Spinoff Parents advice column. Today we're looking at poo and we have expert help from toilet training expert Laura Morley.

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Nov 13, 2017

How to get your child to poo in the toilet

Most of us have forgotten that we had to learn how to poo in a toilet. It can be scary and overwhelming for a child, and it's our job as parents to show empathy even when we are sick of cleaning up poo. Laura Morley is an expert in helping parents to help their children learn how to use a toilet. Here's her advice.

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