Rawiri Taonui

Dr Rawiri Taonui (Te Hikutū and Ngāti Korokoro, Te Kapotai and Ngāti Paeahi, Ngāti Rora, Ngāti Whēru, Ngāti Te Taonui) is an independent writer, researcher and advisor on Māori, indigenous and inter-cultural human rights, equity, diversity and anti-racism. He was previously a Professor of Māori and Indigenous Studies in the Centre for Indigenous Leadership and Head of the School of Māori Art, Knowledge and Education (Massey University); the first Professor of Indigenous Studies in New Zealand (AUT University); Head of the School of Māori & Indigenous Studies (Canterbury University); and a lecturer in Pacific Studies, Māori Studies and History (Auckland University).

Mar 13, 2020

The argument for Māori women speaking on the marae

There was a lot of kōrero at Waitangi this year about women's speaking rights, both at Waitangi and around the motu. Dr Rawiri Taonui looks at the history.

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Jun 18, 2019

It is time to talk about Christchurch's racist past, and present

With a little time and distance from the awful events of March 15 it's time to face the facts: Christchurch has long been a hub of racist hatred. Its history speaks for itself. 

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